Pubs, nah no love at first sight.

A lot of of my high numbers of visiting London ended without being in a pub. Strange when I think about this now. To be honest being younger I was a little bit fearful about pubs.
Really missed a lot looking back. Of course you can do a lot in this vast changing metropolis but to understand it you have to have a pub. Point.
So it was a long road to go to be a regular and it is the fault, as to say so, of a now good friend of mine. He introduced me to pub life. Very successful now.
I strongly belief to understand the Brits you have to go to the pub, talk to them, drink with them, laugh with them. They will pay it back. For sure.
So what is a pub?
In short this is the abbreviation of public house. A house where everyone was allowed to enter. This goes back to Roman times with this huge networks of roads. So people come together eating and drinking in a mostly comfortable environment. A key to socialise I believe and definitely the key to understand how important such an institution has been and should be in our times.
Unfortunately the numbers of pubs is decreasing year by year. With them a part of culture, not only British also Irish, French of course is dying.
So why I call this is a little love story? Simple cause I actually fell in love. I did experience all what a pub means.
I was very warm welcomed to my favourite one. Had lovely chats with the regulars, sometimes far to many drinks, being locked in after official closing time.
One time I brought a good friend with me, her first time in a pub. Tony called us to sit down. Tony is for sure in his late sixties, needing a walking stick. Actually my friend started to use her mobile, as he recognised it…
“My love, we are here in a pub where people talk to each other not playing around with mobiles”
If you have ever the chance to enter a pub, do not just think about it - do it!.
And maybe you fall in love too.


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